Let’s play Mr. Kishibe’s “Flower” and upload it to Youtube!

Why don’t you join us to an interesting project that I have come up with!

I have planned a project for anyone to join, hoping that people all over the world will get exposed to the heart of acoustic guitar music.
Anyone interested in acoustic instrumental music or playing the acoustic guitar is welcome to join!


Record the performance of “Flower” by Mr. Masaaki Kishibe with your favorite instrument, and upload it to Youtube.
Email me (above Contact) the URL with the information listed below so that I can make a list of all the participants on Youtube.

  • Your name (Handle Name is fine)
  • Country
  • How you’ve learned about Mr. Masaaki Kishibe or his music
  • Your instrument
  • Recording method
  • Any comment with your performance

The instrument doesn’t have to be a guitar. Any instruments that you feel comfortable is welcome; a piano, a flute, a violin, and so on.
You can also rearrange the music as you like.

Let’s have a great time together!

Demo performance by Mr. Masaaki Kishibe

Masaaki Kishibe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Flower [花(hana) in japanese]” is included in “Growing Up”


My English is very poor. Therefore, the explanation is very short.
Sorry m(__)m

To learn more details, please use Google translate. :p

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